Body Piercing – Above The Waist

Body Piercing in Medford Oregon - Mother Approved

body piercing medford oregon, tongue, eye brow, lip, nipple, belly button, earLooking for body piercing in Medford? Cuttin Up Studio is a great body piercing alternative to the local tattoo parlors. Our family friendly salon is mother approved and we only pierce above the belt line.

Sonja Beal has been performing piercing for 17 years, is state licensed and keeps up with the trade and best practices through yearly education. Virtually all of her piercing clients are by referral only.

If it is above the waste she will pierce it.

Ear Piercing: Lobe, upper lobe, helix, industrial, snug, orbital, outer conch,  transverse lobe, anti-tragus, inner conch, tragus, daith, forward helix, rook.

Lip Piercing:  Labret, Monroe, medusa, vertical labret, snake bites, angel bites, cyber bites, dahlia bites, canine bites, spider bites, dolphin bites and shark bites.

Tongue Piercing: Smiley, Frowney, vertical, double, under tongue

Nose Piercing: nostril, high nostril, septum

Eyebrow Piercing: standard

Nipple Piecing: standard

Belly Button Piercing: standard

Microdermal Piercing: body art piercing

What are you waiting for? Call Cuttin Up Studio to schedule a piercing today. A great alternative to tattoo parlors for body piercing in Medford Oregon. Enjoy and relax in the family friendly atmosphere today and feel comfortable knowing you are in the hands of a piercing professional.

Service Price
Beauty Mark $20
Nose $20
Dermal $30
Eyebrow $20
Labret $20
Navel $20
Lip $20
Septum $20
Tongue $20
Smiley $35
Madusa $35
1 Nipple $20
Both Nipple $40
Conch $20
Ear Cartlidge $20
Earlobe $15
Both Earlobes $20
Helix $20
Daith $20
Industrial $40
Rook $20
Tragus $20
Under Tongue $35
Surface to Surface $35