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I still can’t believe it, but, we have a new website. Is this not a super cool site. We are so excited. We get to showcase our work, talk about things at the salon, keep you updated on the happenings, even talk about life in general. Yes we can now blog on this site too! How cool is that?

Do you have any comments or suggestions about the site? We would like to hear about them.

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heather s. said:

April 15, 2014 at 3:01 am

I have been going to Cuttin Up Studio for well over twenty years now. I could not imagine going to another salon for anything ever again. Sonja is so extremely talented, honest, professional, skilled and down to earth. I would never trust anyone else to do my hair again. I remember years ago, before I found Cuttin Up Studio, I had gone to another shop in town and I paid for a full weave and found out the “beautician” was really only giving me a partial with some empty foils in the back but charging me full price – never again. After that happened, I found Sonja and she fixed my hair and I have been coming back to her ever since.

I love the atmosphere at Cuttin Up Studio and the staff is so down to earth and sincere. They make you feel comfortable the second you walk in the door like you’re at home after a long hard day. I can’t stand some of the other shops I have been to in this area where the staff is all fake and all they do is gossip and talk badly about a client after they walk out the door.

Cuttin Up Studio is so reasonably priced too for all of their services. I love the clean tanning beds with new bulbs and the clean private spacious tanning rooms. The piercing, waxing and nail services are all top notch too. Cuttin Up Studio provides excellent hair care for men, women and children of all ages.

I love the location of Cuttin Up Studio, it’s easy to get to and they have a nice large parking lot and you don’t have to worry about paying for parking or any time limits. The customer waiting area and bathroom are always clean and well stocked.

I have seen so many other shops come and go in the Rogue Valley. There is a reason why Cuttin Up Studio is still open and thriving. People want to spend their time and hard earned money in this salon because it is the whole package.

Thank you for ALL you do Sonja.

God Bless,

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